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Our Approach

Our Approach

In-home pet sitting and dog walking services help your pets remain active and have socialization when you are out of town or busy with life demands. Our service saves you time, allows you to be mindful of your pet's exercise/socialization needs, and saves you money paying for boarding services out of your home.

You may think that pet sitting or dog walking services are expensive or simply not for you. The bottom line is your pets are our passion! Your investment in your pet provides you with many benefits such as companionship, stress relief, and reduces various aspects that are associated with mental health. Because we do in-your-home care, your pets are in their environment, and their stress and anxiety is significantly reduced when they are in a familiar environment.

We offer a high level of customer service and provide you with professional Caregivers who care about and advocate for pets and have an attention to your pets and home as if it was their own. All of our caregivers have been interviewed by trained interviewers who identify and engage top talent. In addition, personal and professional references are checked and background checks are conducted.

Finally, we care for all dogs and cats as well as exotic animals, birds, fish, and farm animals.


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Whether you're wanting your pet to get exercise, a mid-day walk, personal attention, affection or playtime while you are at work or away, The Pet Nanny can work with your lifestyle and pet needs to make your pet care experience ideal.